US Supply Chain Management Executives not as easily able to work in CANADA as one thinks

February 27, 2013

Are you a Seasoned Supply Chain Executive from the US interested in pursuing an open position you’ve seen in Canada? Well, as a Specialist Recruiter in SCM across North America this tidbit of information might help give you the goods on a question we get nearly every day.

The Government of Canada has very strict regulations for companies in Canada about hiring someone from the US or from anywhere else for that matter. They have to put a very strong case forward NOT to hire a Canadian which would be based on the needs of a very unique skill set that could not otherwise be found in Canada. In Supply Chain Management, this would be a hard case to prove. While we get approached every day from fantastic senior level candidates wanting us to represent them in their searches from all over the US (which means our network of SCM is really terrific here at Argentus) these great skills profiles can’t be used very often here in Canada for our open roles because there are many Canadian senior candidates who can do the jobs equally well.

Here’s the problem. Many US citizens think that because of the NAFTA agreement that US citizens can work freely in Canada. Well, no they can’t – in fact there are extremely strict rules surrounding this.  As Canadians, we cannot work freely in the US either. NAFTA is about free trade, not free employment so I hope to be able to set the record straight about why as Canadian Recruitment firms we are usually reluctant about proceeding with candidates from the US for Canadian based roles.

But here’s a suggestion for those who are interested in working in Canada. Consider getting hired by a company based in the US and then push to get moved to their Canadian operation in one of Canada’s major business centers like Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary. Target (Department Stores) for example, is a big deal here in Canada right now – they are opening in Canada and their senior executive for now are all Americans. In time I am sure they will be repatriated to the US and replaced by equally capable Canadians.

Having said this, Argentus is expanding all the time into new geographic areas within Supply Chain Management and we are always being contacted by organisations across the US to do business with Argentus for Permanent and Contract/Contingent roles. We already do considerable business with companies in the US at a more senior level in Supply Chain Management & Strategic Sourcing and we are actively expanding.  So on the positive side, our reach into a robust network of great senior level Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing/Procurement & Change Management Candidates at the Director and Executive levels are deep and strong.

We love working with our US neighbors so keep that interest up and be assured that as roles open up with new clients in the US you WILL hear from us.

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