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March 1, 2013

Supply Chain Jobs in Profile #2: Director of Sourcing Apparel

Welcome to Supply Chain Jobs in Profile (#2), where we go beyond the ‘infodump’ of a routine job description and explain why an upcoming job opportunity is exciting, and what it really has to offer a candidate. Here,we focus on the high-impact, high-profile jobs that excite us most as recruiters. These aren’t your routine, transactional roles. These are the career moving positions for people who are ambitious, hardworking, and looking to really speed up their trajectory as change agents in interesting, dynamic organizations. As dedicated recruiters, we post Job Descriptions with a view to making contacts with great people, but this doesn’t really get to the heart of what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to also connect with companies who offer unique positions for exciting, career-making challenges, and we’re looking to find the right ambitious candidates who make our clients jump out of their seats. Official Job descriptions sometimes can’t really convey why a job is an amazing opportunity, and jargon-filled resumes can’t really convey why a candidate is a perfect fit. So starting this week, we’re profiling our most interesting jobs to explain what makes them so unique.

A Global Executive-level Sourcing Position

For our second post in the series, we’re profiling another awesome senior managerial level job. This position is a Director of Sourcing for a Toronto-based Apparel company with North American scope. Known for being high fashion and top quality, rest assured this company is in serious growth mode. They’re looking for someone to head up their global sourcing initiatives and broaden their base of vendors to diversify their production.  This candidate will oversee production progress, and identify new opportunities. This position is perfect for a motivated decision-maker who has experience sourcing vendors for materials and overseas apparel production.

So what makes this position so attractive? Why is it a career-maker, and not just another job? Besides the competitive compensation and HUGE growth potential, there are a few factors:

International Reach

One thing that makes Supply Chain such an exciting, relevant field is the fact that it has a truly global scope. Supply chain professionals are on the cutting edge of changes in the global economy. Why? Because, by negotiating and analyzing overseas costs for materials, production, distribution, shipping and other functions, Global Sourcing Directors spend every day on the front line of globalization as it becomes ever-more important to the economy. In this position, the Director of Sourcing will be travelling to India and East Asia, building strategic relationships with vendors to keep costs low and diversify risk. These countries are on the forefront of international economic development. This position is an opportunity to wade right into the global sourcing community, to tour facilities and handle tough negotiations. You’ll be able to identify new international business opportunities and source new styles and products. It’s a 21st century opportunity for a 21st century candidate.

Additionally, the opportunity to make a thumbprint when it comes to ethics and sustainability is key. The Director of Sourcing will have oversight to make sure that vendors are excellent not just when it comes with cost, but when it comes to sustainability and good labour practices. Our client is looking for someone who can take their sourcing efforts into the future, and sustainability and ethics are important aspects of that. Gone are the days when consumers bought products with “Made in China” labels without thinking about the labour practices behind them. These days, consumers want to make sure that the products they buy are ethically sourced, and the right candidate for this Sourcing Director position will be able to add that initiative to their experience.  

Not just another Job

For the right Strategic Sourcing candidate, this is a chance to use your apparel expertise to help take a great company in a future-focused direction. It’s a Director-level role with strategic oversight, global appeal and great compensation. In other words, this is a real career-defining opportunity, and those don’t come along every day.

Time to see if this is for you.

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