Executive Search

Tap into Canada’s most sophisticated talent network for your next executive hire.

Today’s businesses need leadership with the agility to adapt to a changing world. 

For over 20 years, Argentus has worked across industries to support some of Canada’s top companies for executive searches, from the Director-level to the C-suite. We’ve built an unparalleled network of top performers across a variety of industries, with particular strength in manufacturing and service industries, as well as the public sector. Tap into our network for your next executive hiring need, either for permanent searches or interim and fractional support.


Executive Search

Find your leader of the future. 

Today’s challenges require leaders who will drive change, break down silos, and upscale organizational maturity. Finding that leadership sometimes requires an outside partner to bring new faces to the table. 

As a boutique recruitment provider, we act as your representatives in the marketplace, tenaciously working our internal network and referral market until you close the hire. Our service is discrete and bespoke, based on a deep dive into your organizational strategy and priorities, plugged into our network of executives from across the country. 

We’ve spent years building relationships with some of the top executive leadership in Canada. Now you can reap the benefits.


Interim and Fractional Executive Leadership

Bring a fresh perspective. 

Interim and fractional executive leadership is one of the fastest-growing options for companies looking to hire. 

Whether you’re looking to conduct a large-scale business transformation, expand into new markets, accomplish a major project, or simply cover a leave, an interim or fractional executive can hit the ground running and drive positive business impacts from day one.

Our network includes a roster of seasoned senior resources with diverse industry experience, able to bring a fresh perspective unbound by existing internal dynamics and biases. 


The Argentus Advantage

 Access Passive Candidates

Our established relationships, referral network, and sophisticated sourcing methodologies allow companies to access the top executive candidates who aren’t looking at job boards.

Hire Faster. Hire Better.

Don’t let internal bureaucracy slow down your process, or wait weeks for job postings to produce qualified candidates. Argentus consultants present exceptional candidates within days of starting a search, and produce results faster than internal HR teams.

Leverage Decades of Search Expertise

As a boutique provider with decades of search experience, we take a consultative approach to our recruitment, offering market intelligence on compensation, skills gaps, and other considerations to help bolster your hiring. 

Examples of Executive Leadership Positions we Fill:

  • Presidents
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
  • Chief Operating Officers (COOs)
  • Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs)
  • Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs)
  • Chief Transformation Officers
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
  • Boards of Directors
  • Vice-Presidents
  • and more.

How it Works:

Place a Job Order

Following an initial discussions, Argentus will develop and enact a search plan to quickly identify candidates from our extensive network and direct recruiting. 

Evaluate Candidates

We forward you 3-6 highly qualified applicants from our network of top performers. We then work with you to schedule interviews and offer candidate feedback.

Interview and Refine

Our team is tenacious. If initial candidates aren’t successful, or if job requirements change, we work our network tirelessly until you identify the right candidate.

Make the Hire

Argentus works with your team to navigate candidate offer and start date, conducts references and any other checks required to ensure they’ll succeed in the role.

See what our network can do.

Ready to hire your next transformational executive? Reach out to Argentus today for an initial, confidential conversation with a senior member of our recruitment team.