The solution – A new PERMANENT workforce for Supply Chain Management

January 7, 2014


The demand for Supply Chain professionals – which encompasses Strategic Sourcing/Procurement, Planning, Change Management as well as Logistics/Warehouse Management et al, continues to grow especially  in the demand for Contingent/Contract needs.

Statistics Canada tells us that the Supply Chain Sector is expanding exponentially. Well over 700,000 people are employed in Supply Chain Management in Canada. The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council informs us that annually, 80,000 Supply Chain Management positions are needed for newly created or vacated positions. At a time when the economy continues to be soft in so many areas, we find that particularly exciting.

And, as baby boomers continue to hit their retirement peak over the next seven to thirteen years, demand in SCM is going to get higher especially for middle to higher level professionals and managerial level roles in strategic business and supply chain areas.

Much of this demand is and will be met by the rise of the “super temp” within Supply Chain Management. Companies, large and small across all business sectors from Manufacturing to Consumer Services and 3PL and Tech are seeking highly skilled experts to be hired as Contingent Professionals who can easily augment and compliment their own professional workforces in these critical areas where business improvement is needed. For example, the advantage now exists so that Supply Chain Contingent Executives  can be easily plugged-in and pulled out as the need arises for very senior Strategic Sourcing and Change Management Project requirements. The concept of a nimble workforce is very attractive to companies seeking cost efficient staffing solutions in Supply Chain Management without losing skill, knowledge or productivity. It’s a win-win and more and more senior level executives and professionals are getting on board and making themselves available for Contract work because of a better work-life balance lifestyle.

In Canada, hiring for Supply Chain, Change Management, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement in Business, Manufacturing & Retail/Consumer Services continue to grow. As we look forward into 2014 perhaps it’s time to consider the hiring options available to your company to meet your specific needs and challenges – Direct Hire is always the traditional option and there is some amazing talent to choose from but Contingent/Contract (it’s the NEW permanent workforce) Staffing for professionals in the SCM space  is inching up to take its place as part of the 30% of the Interim workforce.

At Argentus we are a specialised firm very narrowly focused in Supply Chain Management with an excellent track record of Contingent Staffing Workforce Management. I would love to tell you more about our capabilities and our successes. To reach me  about how we can help,  call me at 416-364-9919 or email me at

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