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June 19, 2013

Contingent Executive Search in Consumer Packaged Goods

Just this week we were approached by two NEW Clients to Argentus in the Consumer Packaged Goods/ Food Production space – both extremely frustrated with ongoing searches of an urgent-critical nature for senior Supply Chain executives where they just were not getting what they needed from their current engaged Retainer Search firms – yes where they had already forked over the bucks without any results. We hear this way too often.

One company in particular, several months into their search already (and let me tell you a search at this level in this space shouldn’t take longer than six to eight weeks), is looking for an Executive to manage their Contract Manufacturing abroad. Because we are known so well for being such a specialist and a leader in recruiting and networking in Supply Chain Management, our social media presence is high. Because they weren’t getting what they needed in the range of talent, they searched for greater expertise and found our profile through Google which took them to LinkedIn and our site.  What they found was a true niche boutique firm with the connections they needed to get the job done in Procurement, Supply Chain, Planning, Change Management with the robust network of connections within CPG and Food and working referrals to efficiently find them the range of talent they need FAST. The added bonus, as a contingent firm, it means no additional cash outlay for the client until we get them the result. It’s a no-lose situation.

You’d be surprised how often this scenario happens. Clients reach out to us as experts in SCM after they have had the bad experience paying thousands of dollars for executive retained searches that just DON’T deliver in some of the really specialised verticals where it’s all about being connected and knowing how to access those really passive star performers who are not active in the market but certainly would always be open to a great new opportunity from the right Recruiter with the right credibility and understanding of their industry.

For Clients this is where the rubber hits the road –  they need to see results. For us we’re thrilled because we have such a depth of knowledge these are the opportunities where we can really show what we can do through our extensive relationships with individuals at all levels in Consumer Packaged Goods.

I am very excited to speak with other CPG’s or Pharma’s where Argentus’ expertise can be put to good use in locating top performers in Supply Chain both on the Contract and Permanent sides of the hiring equation. or 416-364-9919. Please also review my vCard or see me on LinkedIn.

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