Specialty Recruiters Beating Larger Generalist Recruiters Hands-Down

September 17, 2013

We live in a world of increasing specialisation. That’s so true for Recruitment. Whether you are looking to hire, or be hired, you owe it to yourself to find and align yourself with a Recruiter who is zeroed in on exactly what you do and what talent you seek.


Because getting a job, or finding that PERFECT CANDIDATE, is all about knowing the people who NETWORK with the right people in the know. It’s an absolute imperative today a business MUST –  to be aligned with the right Recruitment firms  (two at the most) whose network most closely matches what you need.

What does this mean? Great Recruiters are extremely talented – they have worked long and hard to build their skills, their knowledge and their proverbial ‘black books’. In the right partnership, the results are amazing — and worth every penny.

What Recruiters do for business and the value they bring companies seeking that hard to find talent, is super. Smart Recruiters work hard to develop highly valuable candidates in those high demand verticals like Procurement & Logistics for example and work those really hard-to-mine relationships through layers and layers of contacts and leads. And that brings them  the real gems within specific vertical markets – It’s a complicated job but if done properly it’s amazing just how powerful a tool it can be.

Any Recruiter worth their salt spends much of their time developing that savings bank of contacts for ongoing candidate development for their clients — people from the deeply passive candidate market to be of use months or even years ahead….IT’S CALLED paying it FORWARD. You just can’t find this type of quality on the job boards or on LinkedIn (which is really a pointer system after all) for that matter – Tenacious Recruiters who know their space find those people who aren’t looking and pursue them…..over time. That’s real value.

Boutique search firms such as Argentus who is at the epicenter of Supply Chain Management Recruitment (and others who are experts in Finance, Sales & Marketing and IT) are being sought out more often precisely because the talent crunch is getting so demanding and so complicated. Specialty Recruiters get the real importance of the REFERRAL which is KING or QUEEN in the Recruiting world.  Clients/candidates are referred by others in their network because they know just who knows their job as a Recruiter and who can get results.  Because our networks are meaty and robust – with great depth and strength — and specialty Recruiters work on enriching their edge every single day. In truth we can run circles around large generalist firms which attempt to specialize in everything.

Many recruitment firms, particularly the larger ones, say that size gives them strength –ummh? They advertise that they do it all – in many different areas. In truth, no firm can be good at everything (to think so is just silly) – every firm tends to have one, or perhaps a small handful of key areas where they are really good. The other areas represent a form of “opportunistic” recruiting, a place to reach the low hanging fruit – to hopefully clinch the right candidate for the right job … but there isn’t any true area of expertise.

You wouldn’t go to a doctor with an accounting question. Similarly, why would someone deal with a Recruiter with a real flair for Finance or Marketing if they are seeking expertise in Logistics, or looking to hire someone with Supply Chain Management.

It’s definitely a NEW PERMANENT workforce @work! Contingent Staffing is growing like gangbusters in the Supply Chain Management world and this strongly compliments our Direct Hire Practise. We are doing some really very exciting work with Start-up companies who are putting in their executive  infrastructure. We hope to attract more of these great organisations as we move along in the months to come to match them with some the fantastic talent we already represent.

Call me for a more in-depth dialogue as to  how we can help you or your company with your Contingent or Direct Hire Staffing in Supply Chain Management or alternatively we would also love to hear from you if you are entertaining exploring alternate Permanent or Contract career opportunities

My email is bhann@argentus.com or call me at 416-364-9919.

Alternatively, you might also want to connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+

My electronic business card is bronwenhann.com – bookmark it, please and feel free to pass it into your network.

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