Professional/Executive SCM Contingent Workers – A Panacea to stay Globally Competitive

January 14, 2013


Did you know that in 2016 it is estimated that over 20% of the global workforce is Contingent or Contract? Look around you – bet you, at least someone you work with is a professional contractor and you might not even have known that. WOW, it boggles the mind.

And guess what, by 2030, it is expected that 50% of workers will be contract. Those are huge numbers and we’re not talking about unskilled, temporary/administrative or the more traditional IT contractors.

Demand for Professionals, Managers, Technical Experts, Knowledge Workers and Executives are multiplying and they are swelling the ranks of the NEW permanent workforce . It’s a NEW world at work. Today’s Contingent workers have been rapidly expanding rapidly to address the need for a much more highly flexible BUT extremely well skilled and nimble workforce. Things are really changing.

Companies in all industries have had to find ways to stay sharp and competitive in the Global marketplace. Contingent workers have opened up a world of opportunity for on-demand access to expertise while keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line. In a very real way, it has been a panacea for helping to balance the bottom line in very challenging times.

More and more executives are building their budgets these days similar to the way IT and Engineering executives have been doing for about 20+ years, with larger expense components (contingent dollars) and less demand for increased headcount and salaries. That’s music to anyone doing budgets today or trying to get budgets approved.

The revelation of “why hire” and try to keep that labor busy in quiet times when one can “rent” for peak workloads is a very appealing business concept. The realization that it takes a different talent, and more of it, to build something, in any field, than it does to maintain it, is once again illuminating the landscape of businesses as executives see cost savings and quality opportunities in professional categories other that IT and Engineering. Executives realized years ago employers needed much more workforce flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing business environments.

More recently, other professional categories, such as Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain, Procurement, Change Management & Logistics for example have too changed dramatically as the need for Contingent staff in these areas has boomed. At Argentus, in 2011 and 2012, the shift from permanent staffing to Contingent hiring in our categories of specialization has been HUGE.

As specialists in Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Category Management, Operations/Planning & Change Management to Business, Retail & Manufacturing, we are uniquely positioned to provide the best contingent positions and staff in these professional HIGH DEMAND categories.

Argentus’ hottest division facilitates with Contract Staffing Management Services to enable employers to: consolidate their hiring processes, respond to variable business conditions and ensure they have access to a readily available very highly skilled talent pool within Strategic Sourcing/Procurement & Supply Chain.

For organizations of all sizes, Contingent Staffing at the Professional & Executive Levels within SCM provides a stable platform for true scalability without the risk inherent in the creation of permanent positions. From that an enhanced level of control to provide headcount when needed  and deliver projects on time and within budget. More importantly, our unique boutique focus provides access to specialized skills and experience that are not needed full-time but are essential to maintain true competitive advantage

We have been doing some really exciting work with a number of notable organizations (mainly in Financial Services, CPG & Communications) who have actively engaging the concept of Contingent Project and Implementation work in their Logistics, Planning and Strategic Sourcing space. And the interest is growing rapidly.

If your company is looking for on-demand access to Professional Contingent Staff or is even considering such a model, Argentus has the experience with complex Contract Workforce Management initiatives. Let us show you the advantages that exist using a Contingent Workforce to control your costs and take advantage of the NEW permanent workforce. – check us out


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