March 7, 2013

National Director Design & (Re)Construction HOSPITALITY – Supply Chain Jobs in Profile #4

Thank you for joining us for today’s Supply Chain Jobs in Profile (this one is a bit off the SCM track but certainly something we do alot of), where we profile one of our most exciting searches and show you why it stands out. This is a field where hot candidates are in really high demand. They’re often in more demand than even they realize, and that’s when we’re able to open their eyes to career possibilities they might not have considered. It takes a great opportunity for some great candidates to consider a move to the next level. They might be comfortable in their job, or day I say it, just not considering what other options exist. Picture a great passive candidate browsing job descriptions to fill time on their lunch hour. They might be uninspired by the jargon-filled lists of keywords that make up the job descriptions and press the “Back” button on their browser. Why? Because those job description haven’t conveyed why someone truly should be intrigued and want the job. It hasn’t conveyed why a job is worth moving for.That’s where we come in. A professional recruiter provides the human touch and creates the possibility of engagement in conversation. But most of all, we help our candidates’ see their careers like a game of chess – and that means making career considerations three and four moves ahead. We pay attention to not just where you are, but where you’re going, and we encourage you to think big and broad.

A Career-Maker for the Right Senior Design & Construction Project Manager

So let’s think big. Today we’re profiling a job that’s a REAL career maker in the field of Design and Construction. We’re sourcing a Director of Design and Construction on behalf of our client, a GIANT in the Hospitality industry. This company owns hospitality brands that run the gamut, everything from budget hotels to conference centers, from platinum hotels to luxury resorts. They have facilities on three continents and they’re looking to conduct major renovations on a large number of them. If you’re a great Senior level Project Manager, you know what this entails. You’ll be leading these renovations from strategy to planning, performance, schedule, and profitability. But beyond that, The Director of Design and Construction will be in charge of Maintenance, Engineering, and Facilities Management for all of this corporation’s hotels, and they will have the ear of the upper echelons of corporate management when it comes to capital implementation and facilities operations. The candidate needs to be well-versed in refurbishments, ideally in hospitality but our client will consider an expert from within Retail.

Move NOW into a Director-Level Design and Construction Role

Like we said, this is a truly global Hospitality company with a massive reach. They’re REALLY well known, so this is an opportunity to boost your career trajectory and profile. When you’re at that summer barbecue and you tell people that you’re the Director of Design for THIS company, they’ll be immediately impressed. It’s that type of client. This position is perfect for an accomplished Senior Project Manager with lots of projects under their belt, someone who feels ready to move into a Director-level role.

Attention all Construction Project Managers who might be reading this: this is the big one. It’s the chance to make your career with a great title, attractive compensation, and most important of all, interesting and fulfilling projects. If you have a great background in Engineering or Architecture, lots of Project Management experience, and some great experience in a supervisory or management capacity, you’ve probably dreamed about one of these Project Management jobs. It’s an opportunity to lead a team and run the show for a variety of GREAT projects. So are you ready to move up? Let’s talk. Call Adele Casciaro at 416-364-9919 or email her at right now.





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