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May 22, 2012

Wanted to reshare this from Article Share (thank you Savita Parthak) It’s some market staffing trend information which will sure to be of interest to with our Supply Chain & Purchasing client partners, candidates and propective customers.

This excerpt of a larger article which talks to training and other related issues in Supply Chain, gives really good clarity to Key Decision Makers and Hiring Managers in Supply Chain Management as well as to their internal Talent Specialists who support them. What continues to be the trend in this particular talent market is a staffing vertical that remains very competitive and HOT.It was this way in 2011, throughout 2012 and looks very much the same into 2013. Hiring within SCM remains buoyant where other staffing areas continue to be flat or beginning to trend upwards very gradually as the market strengthens in differnt sectors. Companies are paying very close attention to where they can make changes in a positive and meaningful way. They continue to scrutinize their Supply Chains for cost savings and efficiencies to compensate for an uncertain economic recovery and flat sales. The information here assists us to build and fortify our market knowledge as specialists in SCM as Third Party Recruiting Partners – we very much see our role as market watching for our clients and continuing to identify those specific roles which are and will be in the highest demand in SCM throughout 2012/2013 and we anticipate well into the future. Here is what the article says….

….Demand for specific supply chain positions is predominantly expected to remain constant, with some growth predicted for positions in logistics information systems tactical and operational, warehousing operational, customer service tactical and transportation operational. There was an overall increased reliance on knowledge-based positions (e.g., technical logistics knowledge, information technology knowledge, supply chain specialists) and customer service positions (sales, customer service, client management). Manager-level positions (are) commonly cited as difficult roles to fill (e.g., functional managers, general managers, project managers, etc.), with supervisor and analyst roles also identified as a challenge. Examples of specific jobs identified as difficult to fill include:

Inventory (e.g., inventory analysts, planners, managers); – Purchasing (e.g., purchasers, contractors, buyers); – Logistics and supply chain specialists (e.g., supply chain and logistics analysts, planners and engineers); and – Warehousing and operations (warehouse supervisors, managers, general warehousing and operational personnel).

Positions are typically filled from within the current sector-wide pool of supply chain employees, either through internal development and promotion or through the acquisition of supply chain employees from other organizations (aha – this is where a specialty recruiter in SCM comes in very handy).

Marketing the Sector and the “Profession” (needs to remain a focus). In order to address current attraction challenges and the low awareness levels of the supply chain sector and its career opportunities, there is a need to better educate and promote the (Supply Chain) sector in target marketplace segments, with particular emphasis on those making career and education decisions (e.g., students and those interested in changing careers)…..

And so, we are gratified that this background employment news reinforces that Argentus remains at the leading edge of what’s sizzling in the marketplace. Our expertise in specifically mining for and networking with Supply Chain Professionals and it is superb –  Finding those diamonds of the hidden candidate market, those passive professionals in Logistics, Procurement, Demand & Supply Planning, Distribution and such continues to be a razor sharp skill for us. It’s those individuals who are NOT looking to make a move who are the very best talent and it is our job here at Argentus to bring those individuals to the table for those organisations we represent

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