Contingent Workforce – High Level Specialised Contract Services Offering in Strategic Sourcing/Supply Chain/Retail

May 16, 2012

Here is an enhanced offering to clients. Argentus –Contingent Workforce Solutions. This differentiates Argentus because we are Focused Contract Human Capital Specialists with a real emphasis on senior contract requirements to compliment our already existing well established permanent practice. At Argentus, we see how hiring patterns for companies are changing and we are accommodating to those needs with a robust Contingency/Interim team of Supply Chain & Procurement Professionals.

We already have and continue to acquire high demand Contract Talent in Supply Chain, Logistics, Change Management, Procurement & Retail Management to be ready for immediate or upcoming client requirements for either project work or to augment existing teams with high level and very specialised expertise.

Additionally, we have a very strong understanding of Risk Management Expertise in-house at Argentus. We have a Deep Knowledge of Industry Best Practices with regards to Contingency Workforce requirements and our Web based Technology & Electronic Record Keeping & Reporting allows our clients to manage, track and report on all contractor activity.

Our Contingent Workforce Team headed by Bob Pridding ( 416-364-9919 has been received very enthusiastically by our existing customer base and we look forward to discussing future needs with companies across North America in the near future.

Learn more in the weeks to come

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