Come on Networkers – step it up – become a “Connector”

July 5, 2012

I was so impressed the other day when I read this article from Forbes online so much so that I wanted to pass it along to everyone I knew to read

I am an ardent networker and from that as I grow in my level of sophistication in my networking skills (I try to develop something new and be of better value every day), I have learned that the true value I bring to this whole amazing networking is not that of an ‘invite only networker’ but someone who is a real “connector” who adds real value to the online community by giving before getting by making valuable connections with great, bright intriguing people within Retail, Procurement, Change Management & Operations doing really interesting things and connecting them to other groups of dynamic, interesting and intelligent people with similar interest, ideas, concerns and needs.

What I really like about this article is that it solidified for me some of the key next level critical networking requirements one needs to have as an ‘early adopter’ and to be of real value as a “connective hub”. Let’s face it, we are not silos nore should we be – the whole purpose of this internet networking thing is to help one another so the more of us who learn to be great “connective hubs” the better  -We can then do this networking stuff better for ourselves and each other. That’s powerful.

Speaking personally as a specialty recruiter in my very high demand Supply Chain Management vertical I love this stuff. I see all this working together collaboratively as a win-win for everyone.

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