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September 11, 2012


Leaders in Supply Chain Management know only too well that Global competition has forced organizations to radically improve their Supply Chain Best Practices to shift toward more tightly managed processes to improve the bottom line. Companies are continually challenged to discover new ways of reducing costs and realising value and growth potential within their operations, compelling them to seek out the best talent for their Supply Chain Management jobs. An outstanding team of Supply Chain and Logistics experts are critical to that end. These influencers set the strategic course and champion the tactics that are vital to making the flow of business more efficient, more effective and certainly more profitable.

Busy business leaders choose to work with Argentus as their search partner because we have a very specialized business focus and we are so well connected in the Supply Chain vertical. In today’s business climate where business networking reigns supreme, Argentus is a great Recruiting partner precisely because our base of connections is so deep and wide, and our referrals are plentiful which makes completing the toughest searches less complex for us.

Where Argentus’ goodwill and reputation falls in the global marketplace is where the true benefit is for our clients. Our real value is our ability to tap into those hard to find passive candidates that other search firms can’t get. We find the very best talent available in a high demand market – we get results and we don’t waste time because we understand the SCM space so well.

From Product Development and Commercialization to Manufacturing Flow Management, Order Fulfillment, Supply & Demand Planning, Returns Management/Reverse Logistics, Materials Management, Warehouse and Distribution, we represent top industry talent who understand each link in the Supply Chain and who can design and strengthen the connection that each link has with the next.

For Permanent Search Or Contingent Staffing @Work, it’s certainly worth it to have a conversation with us today at 416-364-9919 or bhann@argentus.com or check out our website at www.argentus.com

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