This Strategic Sourcing Expert Wants to Make Contract Management Easier

July 14, 2014

So he developed his own software.

One of our latest priorities on the blog is providing our readers with expertise and insight from some of the senior Supply Chain professionals in our network – some of our most strategic, accomplished candidates and clients. Today, we’re pleased to bring you an innovative new piece of software from Mohommed Faridy, a senior Strategic Sourcing professional in Argentus’ network.

After a successful career in Management Consulting for Procurement, Contract Negotiation, Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing, Mr. Faridy was fed up with poor Contract Management software. So he began development on a new solution: OneView Contract Analytics. It’s a simplified, streamlined Contract Management tool that allows Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Professionals to track contracts simply and efficiently. Bronwen had the chance to demo OneView, and she saw tons of potential in its simplicity. Mr. Faridy demoed the new software next to existing solutions. Where it took many clicks to get to a contract in the old software, OneView laid out contracts cleanly and intuitively. In this simplicity, Bronwen saw lots of applications for OneView’s contracts management module beyond the Strategic Sourcing space, including in Contingent Staffing.

It’s thrilling to see someone who’s an expert in their field take matters into their own hands and develop a solution to inferior technology. It often takes someone who’s lived a profession day-in and day-out to understand its technological needs. And someone with lots of Contracts Management experience is better-situated to improve Contract Management technology than a pure IT professional.

Here’s what Mr. Faridy had to say about his new solution:

As a Strategic Sourcing professional with several years of extensive experience in procurement and contract management, I have seen the very good and the very bad that this industry has to offer.

I have had the pleasure of working with experts in the field who exemplify the value an organization can get from a top-notch Negotiator or Vendor Manager. I have also seen the distress and disarray of companies mired in tactical, old-school procurement processes that make suppliers salivate with thoughts of untold riches by way of bad contracts, excessive fees and compliance penalties

The good organizations are always trying to get better and the rest are trying to catch up, both by upgrading their talent and improving their processes. However, one thing that seems to have remained constant is the startling lack of cutting-edge technology designed for the contract management professional.

There are a lot of tools out there. Large, expensive and incredibly complicated systems designed by IT folks to be used by non-IT folks. But what does an ERP Systems developer know about the challenges of a contracts manager?

I examined the problem further and this contemplation led to a convergence of ideas, experience and a desire to answer a question that has been plaguing me for several years: Is there a software tool that can truly make life easier for the contract management professional?

As it turns out, there was not. So I decided to build one. With a top-notch team in place we bore down over the past 3 years and developed a cloud-based SaaS solution that allows users to quickly find the contract they’re looking for and know what’s in it without have to read through it.

Introducing the OneView Contract Analytics tool.

Please take a look at OneView’s brand new promo video. And contact us at if you’re interested in scheduling a demo.

Mohammed is a Senior Management Consultant with over fifteen years of experience in Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, Contract Negotiation, Vendor Management and Outsourcing. He is well versed in the technical aspects of information technology (IT) infrastructure as well as category management expertise in mainframe and distributed systems software, infrastructure and networking hardware, office supplies, professional services and human resources (HR). In addition to his extensive industry experience, Mohammed has also received specialized training from Harvard Law School in developing and managing complex, mission-critical negotiation strategies.

Thanks to Mohammed Faridy for giving Argentus the chance to tell our readership about his exciting new venture, and we wish him the best of luck.



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