Why Social Media is Becoming Supply Chain’s Secret Weapon

September 12, 2014

At Argentus, we’ve been using social media and digital strategy in recruitment for years. As an executive search firm that specializes in supply chain management, we embrace the imperative to engage with our network on Twitter and LinkedIn during the recruitment process. It’s a firm value added resource for us as we continue to source the right candidates, communicate promptly with clients, and share relevant supply chain updates and insights online.

A recent Fronetics article explores the growing demand for supply chain organizations themselves to harness social media as a competitive advantage. In fact, Kate Lee writes that integrating social media with overarching organizational objectives is quickly becoming a key element of business success for the supply chain industry:

Social Media and Supply Chain Blog Pic 2

The supply chain industry is, by nature, an industry that is built on relationships, partnerships, cooperation, networks, and on communication. Being social is vital to the success of companies with the supply chain industry. Social media is a platform that is well poised to meet the needs and demands of the supply chain industry – and to help companies within the industry grow their business.

Social media is a tool that can be used by the supply chain industry for: risk management, business intelligence, recruitment, lead generation, engaging with current and prospective customers, attracting new customers, improving productivity, problem solving, and establishing your company as an industry leader.”

These observations ring true when it comes to the changing business landscape in supply chain. Including social media as a core component of relationship management today is not only necessary, but a confirmed upward trend among the top businesses in supply chain that we work with directly here at Argentus.

Historically, most companies have been quite reluctant to share supply chain information with the public and/or potential competitors, but that’s beginning to change as accountability and sustainability become a more important aspect of corporate responsibility in the global marketplace. High profile issues in supply chain news over the last two years, like the Joe Fresh factory disaster and Lululemon’s huge production recall demonstrate the seriousness of this matter. They afford us a glimpse at how effectively managing social media from the frontline can mitigate risk and protect investments when things go awry.

The immediate benefits that come from corporate social media use in the supply chain field tend to be boosting business intelligence and creating stronger connections with customers and clients. But going social also offers supply chain companies a unique opportunity over the long term to articulate a strong brand voice that can make them stand out from the crowd.

Establishing a well-crafted, strategic online presence gives supply chain industry leaders the chance to go beyond rigid B2B client-supplier frameworks and communicate more effectively about their approaches to supply chain innovation. It’s the ideal forum to exchange information with other industry experts, share success stories, or capitalize on your company’s particular strengths.

Let us know what you think about how social media fits into the world of supply chain. Is your business making the most of this “secret weapon” to succeed?


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