Rolling out NEW SENIOR Supply Chain roles

May 29, 2013

While Argentus has been tweaking its business model (in the last 36 months) in a big way towards high level Contract staffing in Procurement and Supply Chain roles, we continue to be focused on expanding our opportunities for our network of candidates and more passive contacts on the permanent side of our vertical. While we have always been known as fantastic for helping to build out great teams in Strategic Sourcing & overall Supply Chain (what I call the real meat of these departments), It always gives us the greatest satisfaction of all to manage and complete those more complex more strategic high-end executive searches for our clients. It gives us the opportunity to flex our muscles as experts of the space. It’s also just plain exciting because we are so connected to such great talent in SCM in so many different industries.

This past few weeks, we’ve seen some amazing action and here are a number of amazing senior executive permanent jobs we would like to showcase to our network. This post showcases several NEW executive permanent roles we’re working on and why we’re excited about them.

Global Sourcing Director – Raw Materials (Procurement): Apparel Industry

The Canadian Apparel industry has gone through lots of changes in recent years, some for the better and some for the worse. In particular, a lot of domestic manufacturing has fallen off in favour of outsourced overseas production. This is a fantastic Canadian success story. This company that has not only survived but thrived in this difficult market, and has done so while continuing to manufacture much of its great apparel line inside Canada. They’ve managed to build a very in-vogue, appealing brand, and have reaped huge sales successes.

The company has tapped us to find a Global Sourcing Director of Raw Materials, (it is not necessary for someone to come from Apparel, show us what you’ve got as long as it’s not finished goods) a senior-level executive role reporting to their Senior VP of Operations. They’re looking for a candidate who can roll up their sleeves and take charge of Global raw materials sourcing, inventory management, forecasting, production, and logistics. It’s a rapid-growth environment with a mix of domestic and international manufacturing.  This role will make sure that the organization can use state-of-the-art production and sourcing to maintain a competitive global edge while sustainably maintaining Canadian production. This is a real meaty opportunity with one of the most prestigious Canadian apparel companies.

Total Quality Management Director: Apparel Industry

Same great company another Director-level role.  The firm has a reputation for producing garments at a very high standard of quality, and they stand behind their products long after they’ve been sold. They’re looking to hire someone who can oversee the quality control process – it’s about very high standards.

This role involves quality control all through the production cycle, from inspection of raw materials to inspection of finished goods. The Quality Management director will also handle warranty repair, and work with vendors and factories to ensure the highest quality product. Quality control of raw materials, finished good inspection, warranty repair, working with vendors and factories and raw materials.  The qualified candidate can come from a non-apparel industry like Furniture production.

It’s a big-picture role with an opportunity to oversee the organization’s risk mitigation from a product quality standpoint. If you’re someone with the right quality control background, this role will allow you to step into one of the most forward-thinking and high-growth companies in Canada’s apparel space.

This role MUST come from Apparel

Food Production – Senior Demand Planning Manager (Perishables)

This is another senior role at one of Canada’s most well-renowned companies. This Food Production Company manufactures some of the most identifiable brands on supermarket shelves, and they’re looking for an outstanding Demand Planning Manager to work as a key leader in their Sales and Operations process. Lead a collaborative team to forecast demand and monitor actual customer demand against the forecast. Collaborate with the company’s major customers to improve the company’s information quality, timeliness and availability. Internally, it’s an opportunity to work with key company stakeholders in Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Sales and Marketing. This is one of Canada’s most sophisticated Supply Chains, and this is your opportunity to drive its performance at the managerial level.

Now what’s imperative here is your understanding of perishables but don’t be limited to Food. Think Pharma, cosmetics and more.

In summary, we’re absolutely thrilled about these new jobs – the market is finally moving. When you’re working with jobs at this level, you get to connect with senior-level people in the space, people who really know their stuff and thrive on success and long-term strategic vision. So if you think you might be a good fit for any of these roles, or know someone who might be, (we have a generous referral bonus program – we will pay up to 1500 at this level), we’d be thrilled to connect with you. Give us a call at 416 364 9919, send us a tweet @ArgentusTalent, or email


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