March 1, 2012

It’s fantastic to know that Argentus continues to be at the cutting edge of sectors which are growing at a faster rate than many others in this soft economy. Procurement and Supply Chain roles (Demand Planning, Purchasing Managers, Supply Chain Consulting to name a few) remain extremely bouyant. Michael Koploy (located out of Texas and my guest blogger today) has some really interesting background information for our clients and candidates. I hope to generate some good discussion.

Logistics and supply chain jobs are in high demand. Wanted Analytics found that job postings were up 24 percent from a year earlier over the last three months. But which jobs are in high demand, and what certifications, educational background and soft-skills are necessary for success in these roles? Michael Koploy, warehouse management system expert and ERP Analyst for Software Advice, interviewed 8 industry professionals to find out. Check out his report on his blog: Top 5 Fastest-Growing Jobs in Logistics.

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