Procurement Professionals – Here’s a way to bump up your compensation by 30%+

August 12, 2011

Did you know that Purchasing/Strategic Sourcing CONTRACT opportunities in the Canadian market are extremely prolific right now? And there looks to be no sign of it letting up for the distant future.

Perhaps it’s time to consider contract opportunities as a serious and very lucrative career alternative. And, guess what, the trend isn’t just limited (as we thought it was) to those very senior Procurement professionals. Over the last few months, the demand for really top career procurement professionals at the intermediate (manager, lead and senior specialist)levels with very specific and strategic depth of expertise in categories such as Business Operations, IT Contract & Vendor Management, Real Estate, Marketing, Facilities to name a few. And this demand is keeping pace if not exceeding  staffing requirements for permanent procurement professionals.  It’s exciting to watch how this shift in how companies are handling their staffing is changing the landscape of business and how individuals in procurement will or won’t embrace it.

The new business landscape is moving rapidly towards hiring highly skilled, extremely focused procurement professionals for shorter periods to give them the expertise they require on an as needed basis.  Much the same as the IT world embraced contracting some twenty years ago, contracting in Procurement is definitely here to stay. Open contracts or fixed six month to eighteen months assignments are coming available every day.

So let me let you in on a little known piece of information regarding COMPENSATION for Procurement Contract roles – a strong intermediate with 7 to 9 years exp. can jump their base comp. from 80K to 90K to between 130K and 150K with a blink of an eye. That’s an extremely good reason to take a good hard look at contract.

So, here’s the question, would you put off a permanent job search or leave a role you were board with that wasn’t doing it for you any more…. to take a contract role where you could make your yearly compensation in eight months, and get better work life balance and be a the leading bleeding edge of some really sexy Strategic Sourcing initiatives?

Well, if you have a spouse who can equalise the family income through potential down times and who can provide those other things like family benefits, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a whole new world where all the hot procurement stuff is going on.

Want to find out more? Find out what it’s like to work with simply a better recruiter. Argentus is exactly who you need. If you are a Procurement Specialist, Procurement Manager or Procurement Lead in Manufacturing, Business, or Retail Services  you need to reach out to Argentus.

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