Infographic: 7 Strategic Reasons to Hire on Contract for Procurement and Supply Chain

May 8, 2023

As we wrote about recently, the rise of contract staffing has been one of the biggest shifts in the way we work—and the way organizations manage talent—in decades. With more than 40% of the global workforce now working on contract, according to a recent study, organizations are finding new ways to leverage the contingent workforce to provide value.

And in Argentus’ recruitment specialities of supply chain and procurement, contract staffing isn’t just for clerical workers, warehouse staff and other transactional roles. Many of our clients use high-skilled contractors for strategic transformations, technology implementations, or simply to deal with with a large volume of RFP submissions or supplier data that needs to be processed.

The talent pool for these roles is huge. We would know, because we’ve built a network of contractors working in this area that we staff for our clients. In the old way of thinking, contract staff were mostly people who aren’t able to find full time roles. But no longer. According to a study from ADP Research Institute, 70% of contract workers choose to work on contract as opposed to full time. Procurement and supply chain management have many high-skilled individuals who enjoy the flexibility of contract work, and the opportunity to work in a variety of industries. These individuals want to go in and make an impact with significant short-term projects, rather than fighting daily fires in a permanent role.

So when does it make sense to access this talent pool?

A few years ago, we created an infographic that showed some of the most common use cases for contract staffing in supply chain and procurement. Following our rebranding, we thought we’d redesign and update the infographic for anyone who missed it. And we’re unveiling it today!

We hope you find it informative.

Do any of these situations hit close to home? Contract staff can help address a number of business challenges, without taking on permanent headcount. It also accesses a different talent pool than permanent staffing, where you can hire faster and more flexibly than a permanent search.

Argentus works with companies small and large across Canada to identify and secure contract staff for all of these business cases, and more. We specialize in helping companies get more strategic about their contingent staffing, and we have the largest network of supply chain and procurement talent in Canada. So whether you have any immediate needs, or want to learn more about how contract staffing can help your business, reach out to Argentus today! Call 416 364 9919 or email to set up a time to chat.


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