Infographic: 10 Steps for Procurement Strategy Development

August 12, 2019

In this Infographic, Executive Jean-Louis Moreau outlines his 10-step path to defining and refining a winning Procurement strategy. 

All over the business landscape, more companies in more diverse industries are transforming their Procurement functions. They’re leaving behind more transactional models and becoming more strategic, implementing total cost of ownership Strategic Sourcing models, either centre-led or decentralized. They’re upgrading their Procurement technology, process, and talent, implementing more sophisticated Supplier Relationship Management systems. The upshot is more companies are leveraging the strategic possibilities to gain major cost reductions, reduce risk, and open opportunities for innovation.

But defining and refining your Procurement strategy is no easy task. That’s why companies rely on experts like executive Jean-Louis Moreau, who has a storied career of setting Procurement strategy for large-scale organizations.

No matter what stage of maturity your Procurement function is at, there’s always an opportunity to become more strategic. So we connected with Jean-Louis to produce this Infographic. It offers an overview of his methodology for how companies can better understand their Procurement function today, and transform it into a more strategic function for tomorrow.

Jean-Louis’s Bio: “Jean-Louis Moreau is a Procurement executive with 25 years of multi-sectorial experience. He has senior level expertise in designing and implementing global procurement strategies for large organizations. In leading corporations such as CAE, Schlumberger, Faurecia, and Veolia, he was able to transform organizations and demonstrated significant cost reduction and process improvement results.”

If you’re interested in how to build a toolbox for each of these steps, please reach out to Jean-Louis directly.

A big thank you to Jean-Louis Moreau for collaborating on this Infographic!


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