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February 29, 2016

It’s becoming harder than ever to find high-potential star performers in Supply Chain. That’s why it’s time to partner with Canada’s leading recruitment agency in the field.

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On the Argentus Blog, our number one mission is to be informative about what’s happening in the world of Supply Chain talent. For the most part, our M.O. here on the blog is to offer coverage of emerging trends and strategic plays in Supply Chain, salary information, personal branding and career advice, hiring information, as well as some of the most interesting stories from our corner the wild world of recruitment.

But every once in a while, it bears mentioning:

Argentus is the leading recruitment firm in Canada when it comes to Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics, Operations and Planning — with a strong practice in both Contingent Staffing (contract) and Direct Hire (permanent) in these areas. If you’re working at a company and wondering how to take your Supply Chain team to the next level, we offer free consultations over the phone.

Maybe you’re at a start-up looking to rapidly scale without costs running out of control. Maybe you’re at an established company, wondering how you can make your Procurement function more strategic and less transactional. Maybe you have an employee going on maternity leave, or RFP responses piling up, or you’re looking for someone to payroll your existing contract employees. Why not find out how contingent staffing can drive your business without adding permanent headcount? Our recruiters are consultants to some of the top companies in the country about how to hire strategically in Supply Chain, so why not leverage that experience for your organization?

We’re subject matter experts with decades of combined experience in these areas – and we can help you leverage the best network of Supply Chain talent in Canada to improve your bottom line.

In the past few years, we’ve successfully staffed roles from the Manager to VP level in Supply Chain within industries as diverse as Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Food Production, Public Sector, Real Estate, Professional Services, you name it. Right now we’re working with a global financial leader, a food production company with brands you’ve probably seen today, a well-known hard goods manufacturer, and a public sector client out west, to give a few examples.

But we still have bandwidth and untapped talent in our network for you to leverage.

It’s time to get in touch; whether you’re hiring, or just want to chat about what’s happening in the market.

Check out our video below to see what makes us a cut above:

Get in touch with Argentus President, Bronwen Hann, today! Email her or call 416 364 9919.


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