The Friday Round Up: Supply Chain in the News November 10-14, 2014

November 14, 2014

In The Friday Round Up, we take a curated look back at the biggest insights and buzz about supply chain from the last week that are dominating the conversation in both national current events and global news coverage. Enjoy!

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5 Ways Your Supply Chain Can Help or Hurt Your Reputation

In business, reputation management is an art and a science. The foundation? Basic common sense, including good relationships and attention to detail. Here’s how to champion sustainability, save money & improve your bottom line.



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When High Profile Supply Chain Disasters Hit

Making the right risk management decisions is critical for supply chain directors managing highly complex, global supply chains. What’s the best way to safeguard resources in the face of international social and political upheaval?



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Winter-Proof Your Supply Chain

A cold snap can lead to a variety of supply chain challenges, from delayed shipments to damaged products. But early planning can help mitigate the problem. Something important to keep in mind, especially in Canada.



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Good Times Ahead – If You’ve Got the Staff

Business conditions are improving, according to a recent study. And 4 out of 5 senior decision makers believe that the logistics & supply chain industries are in better shape than before the recession. Learn more, and then let Argentus help you bridge the talent gap.



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Want More Women in the C-Suite? Start with the Supply Chain

Getting more women into supply chain management is a major part of getting more women into the C-suite. SCM provides an ambitious exec with a window into every business unit, and is increasingly important for innovation & strategy.


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