Continuous Improvement Manager

April 19, 2013


From the perspective of a candidate, what can a job description really convey? You click through to a job that looks interesting. You get a paragraph of boilerplate about the company. You get an exhaustive, covering-all-the-bases list of responsibilities. You get educational requirements. Been there, done that.

The humble job description is as old as the hills. It seems like it will be always part of the hiring process. If you asked the hiring manager the most important thing she/he is looking for is Fit.

Fit.  Meshing with a company’s “Corporate Culture.” Shared philosophy and work habits. It’s the most important aspect of the hiring process, but it’s also the most nebulous and difficult to pin down. It’s the aspect that can’t be systematized. It can only be understood in practice. It’s only after a job interview that you can be reasonably sure that you’re a good fit for a company, and that they’re a good fit for you.

This week we’re profiling a great, Greenfield senior managerial opportunity that we have been engaged for. For this client fit is EVERYTHING. And if this type of culture – where you will be really appreciated for your ideas and passion this could be an opportunity that will define your career.

Change Management Leader

Our client runs some of Canada’s largest Quick Service Restaurant chains. I guarantee you’ve heard of them. And they’re looking for someone who’s a perfect fit for their high-energy, high-recognition work environment. This workplace is characterized by an intense passion for customer satisfaction, teamwork, and creative thinking. They want someone who’s passionate about continuous improvement and able to see the long game in terms of strategy and change management. It’s a new position, with an opportunity to drive their brands’ overall strategy. In the short term, you’ll oversee strategic improvement in collaboration with sales and marketing. And in the long term, you’ll work to re-engineer the processes within a large number of their restaurants. It’s a great multifaceted role, with an opportunity to also take the lead on quality assurance and other business processes. In short, they’re looking for someone to help take them into the future of the Quick Service Restaurant space.

For someone with a food production or Industrial Engineering background, this position is an absolute game changer. For full details of this role please go to and check out our HOT JOBS

Does this sound like you or someone you know? If so, pick up the phone! By far, we have the most generous referral program of any recruiter we know. We will give up to $1500 as a referral bonus if you know the right person. Call 416 364 9919. Ask for Adele



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