CONTINGENT WORKFORCE – Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain A Solution to Balance your Budget

March 14, 2012

One of the advantages of experience is that you get to see what’s old become new again. We cut our teeth on providing IT contingent/contract labor in the 80’s, and were part of and watched the growth of the industry into the monolith it is today, a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry. Then engineering did the same. And now it’s happening in the other professional industries, such as the vertical Argentus Search Group specializes in – Supply Chain, Procurement, Change Management & Logistics. 

Organizations have experienced a revelation of “why hire,” — why keep labor busy in quiet times when one can “rent” for peak workloads? It’s a very appealing business concept. The realization that it takes a different talent, and more of it, to build something, in any field, then it does to maintain it, is once again illuminating the landscape of businesses as executives see cost savings and quality opportunities in professional categories that IT and Engineering executives realized years ago. Globalization has contributed to rapid growth and increased outsourcing. Companies have had to find ways to stay sharp and competitive. Contingent workers have opened up a world of opportunity for on-demand access to expertise while allowing companies to keep a watchful eye on the bottom line.

More and more executives are building their budgets these days similar to the way IT and Engineering executives have been doing for about 20+ years, with large expense components (contingent dollars) and less demand for increased headcount and salaries. That’s music to anyone doing budgets today or trying to get budgets approved.

We have been doing some really exciting work with some notable organizations (Financial Services & Communications, to name a few) who are actively engaged with us for ongoing Project and implementation work in the Strategic Sourcing space. And the interest is growing rapidly.

If your company is looking for on-demand access to contingent staff or is even just toying with the idea, I have the experience with complex Contract Workforce Management initiatives to show you the advantages. Please reach out to me, Bronwen Hann at 416-364-9919, email me at, or reach out to me on LinkedIn to connect. 

Much more to come on this hot topic.



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