Contingent Staffing is top productivity asset in Supply Chain Optimisation

January 21, 2013

Talk of OPTIMISATION is everywhere these days in business. So we give a lot of thought to BETTER AND MORE optimisation opportunities for the Supply Chain and Talent Acquisition. I read a very interesting article from PICS that suggests that Contingent/Contract workers and Raw Material Suppliers are two major facets in helping to IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY in the Supply Chain. I couldn’t agree more on the subject of Contingent Workers. It is after all the NEW permanent workforce and business leaders in Supply Chain should be embracing those better cost management opportunities while meeting the increased productivity needs offered by contingent & contract talent options.

Our friends at PICS said this…“Anytime work stoppage occurs (in the Supply Chain) – whether it comes from a mistake, a miscommunication, or an accident – you are going to lose time and money. That is why (one) of the simplest way(s) to optimize your supply chain management, is to more efficiently manage your contract workforce”

Contingent coverages in Supply Chain are getting much more common. They can be varied, from shorter term roles of two to four months to assist with increased workloads or project work or for longer coverages for maternity or medical leave situations of six to eighteen months which can easily be renewed or terminated without penalty. It’s a win-win.  Positions also run the gamut from Logistics and Warehouse Leads, Materials Management & Distribution to Supply & Demand Planning Analysts, Logistics & Supply Chain Analysts as well as Contracts Management Leads, Inventory/Replenishment Analysts and Supervisors as examples. Increasing interest is also on the rise for interim executive expertise for higher level strategic Contingent roles so leaders are taking full advantage of the expertise on offer to bring in what they need when they need it from a talent perspective.

So, in that vein, remember Argentus can certainly provide this support to you for Contingent Professionals in Supply Chain Management. Check us out for more detail at

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