Boot Camp Checklist for LinkedIn – keep this close

May 9, 2012

After my blog of May 8th 2012 “What In The World Would Possess You To Press The “I Don’t Know” Button on LinkedIn which talks to the importance of branding, social media and networking, I was thrilled to read this article by Sean Patterson of WebProNews which is a terrific LinkedIn ‘boot campesque’ guide/list (simple, simple) for each and every one of us to run our profiles against to ensure they are complete and robust and doing what they are meant to. That is, effectively getting noticed by those in the know in our respective industries and that that we are getting as many opportunities to get connected into new networks we offer value being in.

For me for example, as a Specialty Recruiter in Supply Chain, Procurement, Retail Category Management as well as Third Party Logistics, which are really narrow verticals in Talent Acquisition, I find this guide a great checklist to keep close by to ensure my profile is really up to snuff and always reaching the right people. It’s a challenge to know you are doing everything you are meant to with your profile (that is maxing out the development possibilities – for career development or entrepreneurial opportunities or peer exposure) but trust me, with ingenuity and smarts and taking a critical look at your profile every day, it can be done. LinkedIn has some great features (as mentionedin Sean’s list) and it is bringing new ones online everyday which you can take advantage of for free. It’s a phenomenal tool for getting connected and expanding your presence. After all that’s really why it exists and it has surpassed the introductory phone call and the ‘good old sales’ call big time..

As this super checklist points out, some stubborn users still believe that LinkedIn is only for staying connected with people you already know. NO (that’s Facebook) – As I said in my own Blog, why on earth would you do that when there are 135 Million people ready and willing to network with you on LinkedIn for business purposes. Quite rightly, Sean Patterson points out” the key with LinkedIn is to be social. Make contacts and inquiries to build your social network of possible employers or co-workers”. And this in the truest sense of the word means connecting and expanding your network to people whom you don’t know but whom you feel might add value.

So here’s the help for all those ‘newbies’ to LinkedIn that you really need to read in a simple, fun and concise way. Thanks Sean. Please pass this along to those you know who could use the knowledge to get with a postive social networking program!!!

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