Big Box Retailers in Canada looking very favourable at senior UK & US Supply Chain talent

August 17, 2011

As US and other European and Global retailers continue to look to Canada as a huge emerging market (Lowes, WalMart, Target, H&M et al), specialty Retail & Consumer Services Recruiters such as Argentus Search, is eager and strategically ready to meet the explosive growth these organisations have in building their Supply Chain and Merchandising teams.

It is refreshing to see that mindful that the Canadian talent market is smaller, these mammoth retailers are encouraging highly strategic and participatory relationships with their Recruitment Partners  in meeting their needs.

In an effort to beef up and find the best and most skilled senior Supply Chain professionals the UK, the US and other global destinations such as Australia and South America have to offer, Argentus’ sights are to aggressively seek out and find those hidden gems of the passive Supply Chain talent pool. 

Look no further than those top global retailers putting down roots in Canada for those really plum SCM opportunities: For those who are top performers in Logistics, Planning & Allocation, Inventory Management, Merchandising, Transportation and Materials Management in Grocery, GM Wholesale and Distribution. They are willing to offer terrific packages.

I urge you to reach out and contact Argentus to learn more about senior Retail Supply Chain & Merchandising opportunities. We are interested in knowing who you are and where you are.

Stay tuned for more.

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