A Referral Program worth a Second Look

October 12, 2012

From Matt Klinger

A lot of our hard work is focused on our candidate Recruitment, Retention and Relationship Building. Because our emphasis is always on pursuing top performing people, no matter their level, we follow many star performers throughout their careers. Often individual relationships don’t culminate in an actual direct result and that’s ok – because there is often something of equal underlying value. The goodwill that comes from myself and my colleagues personally building strong ties that foster great relationships and trust that reinforces our recruiting process. From that, we have been fortunate in benefitting from an amazing ongoing referral network that come from our connections. They are invaluable and constantly replenishing, from industry to industry, referral to referral, client to candidate, candidate to client.

While it might seem low, here are some statistics. 7% of active candidates come from referrals, BUT of those 40% are hiredthat’s big. And we take that really seriously.

So, I’m reaching out to you today to ask for your help by reaching into your network to augment our recruiting at a time when there is a big need for candidates in Supply Chain Management. It’s time to CA$H IN on our excellent referral program – like so many of your colleagues in your industry have done before. Did you know Argentus will pay you up to $1000 if you refer and we place someone you sent to us in Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics or Retail Category Management. That’s probably one the best incentive networking programs around. We’d like to see you take advantage of that.

So this is how you could help…..

Opportunities for experts in Strategic Sourcing (Financial Services, Insurance, Telco, Communications) , Logistics (Retail, Food Services, CPG, eCommerce), Direct Procurement (Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distributing) and most other facets of Supply Chain Management are wide open.

There are many people in the GTA and surrounding areas (Kitchener/Guelph) who don’t know that there is currently a high skill shortage for intermediate to senior permanent Procurement/Sourcing roles– sole contributors, leads, procurement specialists, outsourcing managers & vendor managers. Additionally, contingent hiring is very much on the climb. Companies are supplementing their teams by hiring highly skilled experts in Strategic Sourcing for very senior Category Management project work at significant hourly rates.

So take a minute, have a think about who you know who might be interested in a career move and give me a call. It’s certainly worth a talk and confidentiality is always assured. 416-364-9919 mklinger@argentus.com

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