Recruitment Specialists – Is Our Time Past?

March 28, 2011

Is it really easier today for organizations to find precisely the right talent for their open positions? It’s an exciting time. So many choices for organizations to find precisely the right staff they need right? WRONG!!

Today’s technologies have opened up a whole new world of opportunity – a huge recruiting transformation is afoot. Hundreds of internet based job sites such as offer alternatives to job seekers to post their credentials to prospective organizations. LinkedIn and other business networking forums are faster and faster becoming preferred opportunities for individual to showcase their capabilities to each other in a networking forum. And, companies also have career pages on their corporate websites where candidates can post their resumes. Even individuals are getting creative with their own websites where they can show employers just what they can do in the employment marketplace. And, let’s not forget, everyone’s blogging to find just that right job. The options grow and grow and grow every day. It’s mind-boggling.

Companies today are simply overwhelmed with recruiting options. Just how to tackle what exists out there efficiently is a voluminous task. Just because there are potentially thousands of resumes at recruiters’ fingertips, definitely doesn’t make the candidates of better quality – the quip ‘garbage in garbage out’ exists more than ever and dragging through that garbage is a heady task. Mining for talent is highly complex and intensive. It requires being highly adept at research and really becoming an expert in the particular vertical one is looking to seek talent. For a generalist in-house recruiter, some of these very defined and high demand searches where supply is low and demand is tight, these positions require real expertise because it is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

It is harder than ever for the recruiting departments of companies everywhere to source just the right fit. Whilst generalist third party recruiters might have seen their time ‘come and gone’, there still beats a strong heart and a huge need in the recruitment industry. Expert recruitment specialists with a narrow focus are being well received for their strong knowledge base and very thorough networking capabilities and for their reach into those hard to find passive candidates in verticals where demand for talent is high and supply is so low. Organizations continue to include and will expand their use of highly expert recruiters as part of their hiring initiatives.


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